Gerben Schut

Of Counsel / Environmental lawyer

I work for RechtStaete and its clients as an environmental law expert on the basis of an assignment contract. Having started my career as a general real estate lawyer, I subsequently specialized further in administrative law. I work and have worked for a large number of municipalities, legal expense insurers, individuals and companies. I advise and litigate in areas such as general administrative law, environmental law and enforcement matters. I teach professionals about, among other things, the Dutch Government Information (Public Access) Act, the Dutch Environmental Law (General Provisions) Act, and skills for professional lawyers.

My strengths, besides my legal knowledge, are my good communications skills, thoroughness, flexibility and my awareness of the economic interests of my clients. I believe that a legal service provider should be able to explain laws and regulations in understandable language, be hands on, and have a solution-oriented approach.

  • G.J.J. Schut

  • Telephone

    +31 (0)20 573 03 60