About us

RechtStaete is a law and tax consultancy firm whose aim is to provide superior legal and tax consultancy services to parties active in the commercial property market.

RechtStaete’s lawyers and tax consultants focus on property law in the broadest sense of the term. Together they possess decades of experience in the provision of legal and tax advice to property investors and business owners. RechtStaete’s regular clients include investment institutions, project developers, public authorities, property managers, contractors and the like.

In addition, advice is provided to affluent individuals with respect to their national and international investments.

Since it was founded in 2001, RechtStaete has grown to become a firm that is recognised in the marketplace as one with great experience and expertise in legal and fiscal property matters, and as a goal-oriented firm with an open, approachable attitude as collaboration partner.

RechtStaete’s aspiration is to continue to provide services of superior quality, without losing its easily accessible character.

Our expertise

  • Attorneys at law

    The core services provided by RechtStaete’s legal practitioners lie in the following areas:

    • transactions of purchase and sale
    • funding agreements
    • joint ventures
    • project development
    • spatial development
    • tenancy law
  • Tax advice

    RechtStaete’s tax consultants are involved in all aspects of tax law pertaining to property with the focus being on the provision of advice concerning property transfer tax, corporate tax, value added tax and income tax, especially in relation to the following:

    • the provision of tax advice and assistance with regard to transactions of purchase and sale
    • project development and joint ventures
    • conducting and assisting with due diligence studies and audits undertaken by the tax authorities
    • the establishment of property investment funds
    • the provision of tax advice to affluent individuals, directors/major shareholders and their companies;
    • assistance with the tax aspects of national and international investments.

    All of RechtStaete’s tax consultants are members of the Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs [Dutch Association of Tax Consultants] and the Vereniging van Vastgoedfiscalisten [Association of Property Tax Consultants].