Frank van Buuren

Attorney / Partner

I was one of RechtStaete’s founders and have more than four decades of experience in providing legal advice to clients that are active in the commercial property market.


The work I do for my clients concerns:

  • Assistance in property transactions, involving both real property and shares, performing due diligence investigations, structuring collaborative partnerships, and consultancy on financing structures and the like;
  • Property development and realisation, from design tendering to works contracting, including administrative law assistance (permits, zoning plans and the like);
  • Assistance in property-related management activities (lease agreements, lease disputes, contracts for management and services);
  • Conducting litigation and arbitration.

The clients I work for include investors, project developers, contractors and government organisations.


I studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam and, before co-founding RechtStaete, in 1975 I started as a corporate attorney with what is now known as ING Bank, and went on to work as an attorney with the firm that is now Stibbe and as an attorney-partner at Baker & McKenzie.


Dutch, German and English

  • M.H.F. van Buuren

  • Telephone

    +31 (0)20 573 03 80


‘Contracteren in Internationale Praktijk: Deel II’ in Serie Recht en Praktijk, No. 92, (Chapter: ‘Turnkey Contracten’)