Natasha Konings

Tax Advisor

I have more than fourteen years of experience in providing advice to Dutch and foreign clients regarding domestic and international tax planning and compliance, the corporate income tax, VAT and transfer tax aspects of property investments, and tax-law developments in the area of property. I also have specific experience with property investment institutions and high net-worth private individuals.


Recent projects on which I have worked include:

  • Domestic and international tax planning and compliance;
  • Tax accounting and tax auditing for projects;
  • Consultancy on direct and indirect property transactions;
  • Tax-law assistance for private and institutional investors;
  • Consultancy in the areas of personal income tax (including investment qualification for Box I or Box III and the consequences of emigration or divorce), gift tax, inheritance tax, corporate income tax, and VAT/transfer tax;
  • Audits for the purposes of personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT and/or transfer tax;
  • Assisting in legal proceedings with financial and/or tax-related aspects;
  • Assistance in conducting tax objection and appeal proceedings.

When needed, I work closely together with my legal and tax colleagues and with external parties, such as civil-law notaries, accountants and auditors.


Before joining RechtStaete, I worked at Deloitte as a tax consultant.


Dutch, Russian and English

Natasha Konings
  • N.N. Konings

  • Telephone

    +31 (0)20 573 03 68