Dick van der Pal

Tax Advisor

I have been a tax consultant with RechtStaete since February 2019. I focus primarily on tax consultancy with respect to the direct/indirect purchase and sale of property/property portfolios, letting property and refinancing.


My clients are mainly domestic and foreign fund managers, investors, project developers, contractors, and directors and major shareholders. My daily practice at RechtStaete involves tax consultancy with respect to:

  • Property transactions;
  • Property refinancing ;
  • Property transformations;
  • Income tax (such as: box 1 – box 3 qualification);
  • Corporation tax (such as: depreciations, reinvestment reserves, interest deductibility, mergers and tax entities);
  • Turnover tax (such as: application of exemptions, new manufacture or not); and
  • Transfer tax (such as: taxable amount, the applicable rate 2 – 6% or multiple consecutive acquisitions).

When necessary, I work together closely with my legal and tax colleagues and with external parties such as civil-law notaries.


I studied law at the University of Amsterdam and received my master’s degree in Private Law in 2014,  followed by my master’s degree in  Dutch Tax Law in 2015.

I worked as a tax consultant at BDO before I joined RechtStaete.


Dutch and English 

  • D.Th. van der Pal

  • Telefoon

    + 31 (0)20 5730 392