Ton Oostenrijk

Attorney / Tax Consultant / Partner

I am a property attorney and tax consultant with RechtStaete. In that capacity I have been involved in advising clients in the field of tax law, in particular in the area of property, for more than twenty-five years. I also counsel clients with regard to audits conducted by the Tax Authorities and collection proceedings, and am also involved in the tax-law aspects of proceedings under civil law.


Examples of my services are:

  • Providing advice in the purchase and sale of property and property companies, including vendor and other due diligence investigations, the creation of data rooms and assistance in tendering procedures;
  • Providing advice on (optimisation of) the VAT and transfer-tax consequences of an acquisition or sale of developed and undeveloped land (building sites);
  • Providing tax advice on setting up property companies and limited partnerships, including prospectus assessment on tax aspects and composing tax paragraphs for prospectuses;
  • Optimising interest deduction and refinancing to guarantee the deduction of interest for tax purposes and to prevent taxation of profits in refinancing transactions;
  • Estate planning in respect of property, including creating investment funds and/or structures on behalf of parents and their children;
  • Tax-related assistance in bankruptcies, unbundling collaborative partnerships and/or winding down property portfolios;
  • Objection and appeal proceedings regarding the levy and collection of taxes;
  • Completing negotiations and creating and concluding advance and other types of tax rulings with the Tax Authorities, on behalf of both domestic and foreign investors.

In my work I often collaborate with our attorneys and, where necessary, externally with the top Dutch property notaries, with whom I maintain long-term relationships.


The foundation for my career was laid by completing the Tax Law and Dutch Law programmes at the University of Amsterdam. In the mid-1990s I completed the Amsterdam School of Real Estate’s MRE programme and was awarded the annual thesis prize. I also regularly publish on the topics of taxation and property.


Dutch and English

  • A.J. Oostenrijk

  • Telephone

    +31 (0)20 573 03 83


Ton Oostenrijk regularly produces publications dealing with subjects involving property-related tax matters. He is responsible for a monthly column in the trade journal, PropertyNL, is co-author of a book entitled Onroerend goed als belegging, is the editor-in-chief of the tax handbook, PropertyNLTax, and is co-author of a book entitled Onroerend goed en reparatiewetgeving Vermeend.